Anrthony's FJ20ET HR31 Nissan Skyline
Engine Mods:
Wiseco forged pistons (7.11:1 compression ratio)
minor porting around the valve seats - nothing too fancy
All crack tested,nitrided ballanced etc bottom end
Custom tubular exhaust manafold
GT25 series turbo (internal gate) adn running 18-20psi which I hope to get to a consistant 20psi first,and then as much as the turbo will push,as intake temps are still quite reasonable.
HKS "super power flow" air filter - which Im thinking of changing...
3" exhaust
Hybrid knock off intercooler -bar and plate 600x300x76
Engine oil cooler behind driver's side             vent in bar
Power steer cooler behind passengers' side  "    "    "  "
Remote oil filter mount
Standard Autospoiler (drops sown at 80k's,retracts at abour 50kph) and HICAS four wheel steering
Malpassi rising rate regulator (which im considering changing for a normal rate unit)
Custom fuel rail (made by fantasy performance) and 780cc injectors also supplied by fantasy
All run by a crappy EMS Dualsport
Driveline consists of "800HP" pressure plate and 5 puck clutch plate,modified RB20DET box,custom tailshaft to stock R200 LSD diff.
Wheels are BBS. 16x9 rear and 16x7.5 front with 245/45 and 205/50 tyres respectivly

Paint is stock
interiour is stock apart from addition of gauges for boost,oil pressure,oil tempeture,and exhaust tempeture.Oh and a Greddy turbo timer.
12" subwoofer in the boot in a removable box.
oh and a 10 stack cd.

Brakes are stock HR31 with Bendix "metal king" pads
Suspension is recently replaced front strut inserts,and bilstein rears.(but stock apart from that)

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