Tassie Devil! -1981 Series 1 Nissan Bluebird TRX
As Featured in Fast 4's & Rotaries July '98
Engine Mods
FJ20ET turbo 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder.
hand polished head 6.95:1 CR, Hi-flowed Garret T04 turbo at 21psi, air to air intercooler, 65mm single throttle body, Balanced and shot-peened factory crank, shot-peened factory con-rods, Cosworth pistons, gapless rings, HKS turbo cam, factory valves and valve springs, MSD ignition, Howe power extractor style 4" turbo manifold, 3" tail pipe.
Driveline: Nissan 5 speed, standard flywheel, dual diaphragm pressure plate, solid centre brass button clutch, R180 spool, Nissan Skyline driveshafts, factory tailshaft.
Brakes & Suspension: Factory independant rear end with disk brakes and a L.S.D. Front Competition HQ rotors, Valve four-spot calipers, carbon metallic pads, Rear factor Nissan rotors and calipers, carbon metallic pads.
Performance: 1/4 mile 11.7@ 121mph, 
251kw at the rear wheels.
Exterior Mods
14x8 custom alloy wheels(F)14x9 1/4(R), Yokohama A008 RS tyres.
Interior Mods
Custom made fibreglass seats retrimmed in grey velour, Saas steering wheel, VDO instrumentation, Converted Pool ball gear knob.
Engine Specs
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