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    Nissan, FJ20 & Datsun Links
    -This Great site is dedicated to Anthonys very unique FJ powered R31 Nissan Pintara and HR30 Skyline. 
    -Japanese Website dedicated to DR30 Skylines.
    -Ben's site dedicated to his SR20DET powered series 2 1984 TRX bluebird .
     - A Great Site Dedicated to the FJ20!
    -Yahoo discussion group about FJ20 transplants.
    -The Official Nissan Motors Australia Web Site.
    -Tim's 1984 240 RS.
    -1982 DR30 Nissan Skyline Hardtop
    -180sx and Torana project.
    -Datsun & Nissan info & tech articles.
    -R31 Nissan Skyline Owners Club.
    -Great Datto Stuff!
    -Daniel's FJ20ET Ford Escort.
    -An Extreme Datsun 260z.
    -FJ20 powered Datto Roadster.
    -Sydney Datsun Club is a club for enthusiasts of all types of Datsuns.
    -A Two Car Nissan S12 Gazelle Rall.y Team.
    -Paul's Great lokking DR30!
    -The No.1 Site about the S12 Silvia!  :)
    -A Nissan Discussion Forum.
    -A Collection of interesting scanned magazine and tech articles.
    -Is  this a Factory Intercooled FJ20ET S12???
    -This website is about various Datsun project cars that my mates and I are currently building. We will update the site with more pictures and information as we progress building and improving our datsuns. 
    -This is the place to talk about the Datsun 1200.
    Share your info and experience, or search for it here, to make this the best resource of living knowledge for the Datsun 1200.
    -A Site for S13 - S15 Silvia owners based in Australia.
    -the best all round supercars in the world....The Nissan Skyline GTR.
    -This site is mainly intended as an accompaniment to the 910BluebirdClub Yahoo! Group, however it also contains information for non-members wanting to perform specific conversion to their Bluebird.
    This site is dedicated to Daves FJ20 powered 1982 TF Gemini .
    -Here's a couple of pics of my 1982 DR30 Skyline. It was imported into OZ in May 2003, and I have recently got it running after finding it had 3 burnt exhaust vavles (loose exhaust manifold). Its now running and doesn't go bad for a stocker! But future mods aren't far away...
    -Japanese S12 Cruise. Features pics of an Intercooled S12.
    -Some Pics of the MR TRX FJ20ET Bluebird that made 660HP @ The Wheels at Summernats.
    -This site is dedicated to the Datsun model 810 (bluebird) from 1978 to 1980.
    -High Performance Ford Escort Panel Van.
    -Yasin Ali's FJ20 powered truck. - silvia, 180sx, 200sx, 240sx, and other hot import cars.
    Fantasy Performance
    Visit N12

    Motorsport Links
    -Home of the MPA Motorsports Team.
    -The Official Site for the African Rally Championship.
    -Home Page to a very Quick Australian Skyline!
    -History of Group A Rallying!
    -Wakefield Park is a motor racing circuit located 10 km south of Goulburn in New South Wales on the Braidwood Road, approximately 2 hours drive from Sydney and less than 1 hour from Canberra.
    -A Chronoloogical list of Results from Bathurst Endurance races.
    -Tonnes of Old Touring Car pics.
    -A History of The Nissan GT-R in Group A Competition in Australia.
    -The Official Website of the JAPANESE GT CHAMPIONSHIP Series.(English Translation)
    -The Official Website of the JAPANESE GT CHAMPIONSHIP Series. (English Version)
    -Peter Brock -The Ultimate Resource, Australia's Favourite Motorsport Legend.:
    -The Official GUNNA Motorsport Website.

    Toyota Links
    -Australian Car Club for modified Toyota's.
    -Welcome to Corona Country. A site dedicated to the 40/50 series "Shovelnose" Toyota Corona's of the 1960's and Other Great Little Toyota's.
    -This page is dedicated to the venerable 1969 Toyota Corona. You probably wonder why this car is so special.
    -postings on chat board.
    -The RT40 had sleek, arrow-line styling, and its maximum speed was improved
     to 140 km/h. A continuous running test of 100,000km was conducted publicly
     on the newly opened Meishin Expressway, imprinting the image of the new
    Corona as a pioneer of the age of expressways. The RT40 succeeded both in
     the domestic and foreign markets and raised Toyota's technological standard to
      the international level. 
    -Japanese RT40 Corona Home Page
    -RT40 Toyopet Corona Info.
    -Japanese RT40 Toyota Corona site.
    -Toyopet Corona RT40 Homepage.
    -A Lexus V8 1UZFE powered Cressida.
    -Info on fitting a 1.8L 4cyl dohc twinspark turbo engine to your 1970's Celica.
    -Twin turbo intercooled 1UZ-FE V8 in a TA22 Celica.
    -A Lexus Performance Discussion Forum.
    -1979 Celica GT Restoration.
    -1984 MK2 Toyota Supra.

    Automotive Products & Services Links
    Advanced Jap Auto Imports has been importing spare parts for Japanese performance vehicles for over 9 years.
    A Melbourne based family business run by Lee and his nephew Steve with 50 years combined experience in the automotive industry. 
    The main focus of the business is importing and supplying used spare parts for rare Japanese sports cars, predominantly for Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and  Mazda.
    -Specializing in discount high performance auto parts and accessories for your car, truck or SUV.
    -Purchase top brand performance parts direct from Japan at wholesale prices. Nengun Performance are able to provide the latest and most innovative parts to customers world-wide. 2006 is shaping up to be a spectacular year for Japanese vehicles with a large number of new parts being released from many aftermarket manufacturers.
    -Your Australian distributor for radar detectors, laser detectors, laser jammers and other products from leading manufacturers such as Bel, Escort, Valentine, Blinder and Veil.  We specialize in the Prowler Remote™ packages, which offer drivers a complete solution, that start from our basic PRS4 kits, right up to our fully custom, hidden installation.
    -Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subjects our turbos to several OE qualification tests. These turbocharging "qual tests" ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo you can be sure it is a reliable one!
    -Australia's No. 1 Source for Motoring Books, DVDs, Videos & Workshop Manuals.
    -Nissan Performance Fabrications and Parts.
    -For all your Motor trimming needs! *Quality Repairs, *Retrims, *Custom work. 
    Sydney, Australia. has 715 individual products listed for 42 different cars. Updates will be performed weekly adding new product lines.
    -, the home of online performance parts delivered direct to your door. We encompass the globe in regards to sourcing the highest quality products to fuel your speed addiction.
    -Gordon Dobie's Official Site.
    -Stewart Wilkins Motorsport brings together more than 20 years experience in the preparation and maintenance of competition and modified vehicles.
    -Very few people are able to have their Skyline GT-R prepared by a Group A Racing GT-R Team Engineer. 
    -Full Throttle Performance was established in 2004 with the intention of supplying quality high performance parts and high performance service. 
     -Online enquiries can be made for the following:
        * Demerit Points
        * Driving Record 
        * Vehicle Details
        * Notice of Disposal
    -Online Automotive parts and accessories shop!!. Experience a complete online shopping environment with us and see for yourself why our customers praise our service.
    -Matt Waterman Motorsport Design is a professional Mechanical Engineering / Production Engineering firm providing Design, Component Development and Manufacturing to Race Car Builders, Hot Rodders and Street Machiners as well as Custom Bikes and Boats.
    -Latest news, roadtests and tips to assist your vehicle purchase.
    -Alfa, Lancia, Fiat Spare Parts.
    -Do-It-Yourself Water/Alcohol Injection System and Intercooler Sprayer.
    -The Official TOMEI Site.
    -If you are looking to buy a Japanese imported vehicle and don't want to pay dealer prices, then you have come to the right place - import a car yourself with our help. 
    -Dick Crombie & His Son Greg own and operate this car yard.And Pride themselves on Customer satisfaction.
    -Giving You Imported Cars & Parts at Wholesale Prices.
    -Japanese Owner Manuals & Vehicle Handbooks.
    -Water / Methanol Injection Kits.
    -Japanese Import Automotive Parts at Wholesale prices.
    -Online Performance Parts Catalogue.
    -*Online Shopping in Australia at Quality, Safe and Secure Shops!
    -At last you can get the same high-performance heat and sound barrier materials that the automotive OEMs use for cars coming off the production line today!

    Technically advanced Cool & Quiet products are available directly from the source: the Lydall Thermal/Acoustical Group, a leading supplier of specialty engineered heat and sound solutions for the automotive industry.

    -Speed Freak is the home of Cheap,  high Quality Performance Parts and Accessories for your  Car!
    - Armed with an Australian custom built radar detector and laser shifting device your chances of receiving a speeding ticket from  traffic radar or laser are minimized greatly! We are local experts supporting Australian drivers with local enforcement knowledge and back up service with no foreign dependency!
    -Providing new and used Japanese Performance Parts.
    -Australias Online Auto Parts Store.
    -As AIRCO is a Regional Partner of VDO, we EXCLUSIVELY supply a range of VDO products in New South Wales to our DISTRIBUTORS (retailers and workshops).
    "Squires Turbo Systems in the US has a very interesting “remote mount” turbocharging approach, where they mount the turbo in the position of the factory rear muffler. This approach is said to eliminate under-bonnet heat issues associated with normal aftermarket turbo installations and requires less modification to fit."
    -A comprehensive range of Automotive, Karting, Motorcycle Books and Software.
    -Just Jap Auto Imports, bringing you the best prices on high performance parts & accessories for your japanese import. -Auto glass and Windshield replacement..
    -Keas Australia! Builder of quality transmissions.
    Since 1974 Coltspeed have been the Mitsubishi specialists
    Fantasy Performance
    HUB CAPS .com

    ECU's - Engine Management Systems
    -Motec Advanced Engine Management Systems & Racecar Data Acquisition Systems World Wide.
    -Fuel Injection Advanced Controls.
    -Engine Management Systems.
    -Engine Management Systems.
    - Advanced Engine Management.
    - The Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Electronic Fuel Injection Controller in the Universe - and YOU BUILD IT YOURSELF! 
    -Link automotive engine management systems.
    -Manufacturers of high quality engine management computers.
    -Engine Management.
    -Direct Ignition and Total Engine Control.
    -Precision Programmable EFI Systems.

    Automotive Publications & Classifieds
    -The Worlds Best Online Car Magazine.
    -Great Magazine dedicated to Classic Japanese Automobiles.
    Finally A Magazine for the Collector and Restorer of Classic Japanese Vehicles!.
    -American Motoring Publication. Car & Driver Online is the most copmprehensive source of auto information.
    -Car, Truck, SUV Road Tests, Buyer's Guide & News.
    -America's Oldest Automotive Entheusiast Magazine.
    -The Worlds Oldest Weekly Motoring Publication.
    -Germany's Most popular Automotive Magazine.
    English Translation
    -Italian Motoring Magazine.
    English Translation
    -The Magazine That Puts Show Before Go!.
    -Modified 4 Cylinder & Rotary Magazine.
    -4 Cylinder Fashion & Automotive Style Magazine.
    -Australia's Leading Automotive Classifieds.
    -New Zealand Online Auctions and Classifieds.
    -New and Used Car Search.
    -Free Australian Classifieds Listing.
    - Buy & Sell, New & Used Equipment & Import Deals.
    -Australian automotive review & information site!
    -Performance Imports bi monthly DVD Magazine.

    Other Links
    -Australian Rotary Engine Discussion Forum.
    -Australian Performance Car Website!
    -Australian Holden/Isuzu Gemini Discussion Forum.
    -Australian 4, 6 & Rotary Nationals.
    -Alfa Romeo Club in NSW.
    -Find KPH, KPH to MPH, Gear Ratios. etc..
    -The Promised Land For Ultimate Enthusiasts.
    -girls and their cars.
    -This is a mulit-award and trophy winning street legal Mini with a Turbo Charged, fuel injected, intercooled TwinCam 16V Suzuki GTi engine. In street trim this car runs a 13.59 @ 109MPH (GTech) and with slicks can cut 12.74 sec 1/4 mile.
    -Australia's only VR-4 Club.
    -"This site aims to establish the facts and encourage safety through better driving skills and increased awareness. Soon after starting the site I was to learn of the incredible facts about so few accidents occurring above the speed limit and decided to make these facts available to visitors to form their own opinion." 
    -The Newcastle Cruise Scene.
    -A Site Dedicated to Early Holdens. With Info, Pics, Classifieds and Discussion Forum.
    -"Technology THe Only Substitute For Cubic Inches"
    -Photo's of Old Japanese Automotive Vehicles.
    - A Melbourne based Car Entheusiast Discussion Forum.
    -*Online Shopping in Australia at Quality, Safe and Secure Shops!
    -General Aussie car-related discussions, interesting news and more.
    -Australian Car Discussion Forum.
    -this site is about the issue of speeding, speeding propaganda and the current mishandling of road safety in Australia.
    -It seems everybody has a favorite Mustang.
    - Though people often disagree on their opinions of the Pacer, it's very hard to dispute its uniqueness. Throughout its history, the Pacer has played many roles: innovative automobile, laughing-stock of the showroom, road "warrior", 70s pop culture icon, and more.

    More Great Nissan FJ20 Articles
     Deported Assasin: With a long line of victims in its wake, this Gazelle is now embarking on another reign of terror.
    Read all about this Wild FJ20 powered Import Nissan Gazelle at Autospeed. The Worlds Best Online Performance Magazine!.
    Deported Assasin!
    Labour of Love!
    Labour of Love: How one DIYer 1600 enthusiast has (after performing his
     third engine conversion!) come up with the ultimate Datto street sleeper. And what's more, it's all been done at home....
    Bad Ass: The usually quiet and reserved Bluebird from next door has come out - big time!
    Bad Ass!
    First Love
     First Love: Your first car always has a special place in your heart and head. But unlike most of us, Zoran hasn't written his off or otherwise trashed it - he's plugged away at it and
      lovingly building it into a show quality 203kW Nissan-powered tyre-fryer!


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