GOD20L -Anthony & Frank La Malfa's 1972 Datsun 1600
Engine Mods
FJ20ET turbo 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder.
Motor Recently Built by Pulse Turbocharging.

Head: Custom Ported and Polished Head 
High Tension Performance Valve Springs 
Bigger Cams (Revability 8000RPM+) 
Ceramic Coated (red) Rocker Cover 

Engine Block: JE Forged Racing Pistons 
Shotpeened Rods 
Custom Brass O-Ringed Block 
Inside of Block Specially Painted and Race Prepped 
Modified Timing Cover and Oil Pump 

Inlet Manifold: Modified Inlet Manifold 
Bigger Throttle Body 
4 x 1000cc Rochester Injectors 
Malpassi Fuel Regulator 
Custom Fuel Fail 

Exhaust Manifold: Custom Exhaust Manifold and Dump Pipe 
Heat Wrapped and Ceramic Coated 

Turbo: Turbonetics T3/4 Super 60 Super V Trim Turbo 
(500HP off the Shelf)
0.83 Rear Housing 
60mm T04 Front 

Intercooler: Custom Made Plasmaman Intercooler 
Polished Finish 

Fuel/Ignition and ECU: Brand New Haltech E6K 
Running Sequential Injection 
MSD6A Ignition Module 
Braided Fuel Lines 
Bosch Merc High Volume/Pressure Fuel Pump 
Primer Pump and Surge Tank 

Driveline: NissanTransmission:  Modified Enlargened Transmission Tunnel 
Gearbox: Rare Conversion R33 Skyline Gearbox to suit FJ20, with High Performance Solid Clutch and Billet
Flywheel. Custom Tailshaft 
Differential: Nissan R200 3.9LSD Diff

Brakes:  Front Datsun 240K Twin Piston Callipers on 240K Struts 
Standard Rear Drums.

Exhaust: Modified Rear Cross Member to fit up to 4 inch Exhaust system if required. (Currently 3 inch Mandrel

Suspension:  Custom Lowered Springs all round with KONI adjustable Shocks.

Performance: First and only Street Meet at Eastern Creek on Slicks: 
11.71 @ 114 MPH on Pump Fuel 

Last Dyno Tune Produced: 
272KW on 18psi @ the wheels on Pump Fuel 

Winner of Summernats 2002 HP Heroes 
4 Cylinder Turbo Class - 314.6HP as well winning the datnats dyno day.

Exterior Mods
Simmons F90. Polished 15

Interior Mods
Interior has been fully retrimmed including door panels, carpet dashboard and seats. It features WRX
Front Driver and Passenger seats. 
Intrumentation: 4 x Autometer Guages (Oil, Water, Boost, Ait Fuel) all in Chrome Cups, 1 x Spitfire Rev Tacho, 1
x Autometre Shift Lite, 1 x Autometer Oil Warning Light. Boost Control: Blitz Programmable Electronic Boost

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