Fantasy Performance

Jason's FJ20ET 1980 Datsun 1200 Ute

Engine: FJ20ET turbo 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder.
internally standard. O ringed head, 60lb seating pressure performance valve springs.

Engine management: Microtech MT8.

Turbo: Fantasy experimental spec Billet Turbochargers twin silicon nitride ball bearing turbo, 44mm TiAL waste gate, New custom Fantasy Performance stainless steel exhaust manifold, 4 inch stainless steel dump pipe, 2" stainless steel waste gate dump pipe, All lines earls stainless braid.

Inlet manifold: Polished Custom Fantasy Performance inlet manifold, internally bell mouthed, Internally polished, Nissan Infinity Q45 throttle body.

Injectors & fuel rail: 880cc injectors, Fantasy CNC billet fuel rail, Billet Turbochargers Fuel reg, 

Nitrous: 60hp max, direct port wet shot.

BOV: HKS Super sequential.

Intercooler: 450mm X 500mm tube and fin, Custom Fantasy Performance tanks, the in tank has a divider inside for equal spread of heated air across the whole core. 
There are Bell mouths on both sides of every tube on the core for less pressure drop. 3" polished stainless steel plumbing and 3" in and out on the intercooler. 

Cooling: Pulsar single core radiator, 2x 12” Davis Crag thermo fans, Davis Craig electric water pump with controller.

Fuel lines & pumps: RCI  57L Aluminum fuel cell in the tray, 1 x Carter pre-pump, 1x  polished custom Fantasy s/steel surge tank, 2 x 910 Bosch fuel pumps, 1x Billet Turbochargers fuel filter, custom Fantasy 1/2" s/steel fuel lines under car.

Exhaust: Custom Fantasy 4" s/steel mandrel with 3.5" HKS Super dragger muffler, 2" s/steel mandrel waste gate dump.

Gear box: 2 speed Power-Glide., No trans brake.  B&M ratchet shifter, Heavy duty tail shaft, V8 Falcon uni’s.

Diff: S3 bluebird 10 bolt diff cut down, 3.9 or 4.11 ratio. Custom anti trap suspension rods.

Brakes: 300ZX front discs and 180SX calipers, No brake booster, S3 bluebird drums on rear.

Wheels & tyres: Rear: 15” x 8.5” Centre Line Convo Pro’s, Michey Thompson ET Street Radial P235/60R15.  Front: 15” x 4” Centre Line Convo Pro’s, Michelin 135/60R15. 

Interior: Carbon fiber dash, Carbon fiber door trims, retrim bucket seats, custom trim  blue and black interior, Apexi gauges, Momo steering wheel, Billet window winders, Microtech handset.

Performance with the old TO4E set up: 409rwhp @ 23.5psi never raced on full power. 350rwhp @ 17psi = 11.54 @ 120mph on Cheap and nasty street tyres and no trap rods. 
Best mph 124mph.(power figures and time quoted were achieved with the standard intake manifold and the old T04E turbo setup.)

Thank: To Jason’s fiancé for been so patient. Hodo for all the help. Mum and dad for the support.

Special thanks: To Ricky from Fantasy, Mark from Billet Turbochargers for all the help, work done and sponsorship. And Ash for all the late nights.

All involved look forward to seeing the car finished racing early 2007.

Fantasy Performance
Fantasy Performance

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