Mark Alford's Datsun 1600 Race Car!
Engine Mods
FJ20E 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder
Head ported - otherwise standard.
(139.8bhp/650 pounds torque at rear wheels)
Intake: Twin 45mm Webbers 
Exhaust: Huricane Headers, 2.5 inch exhaust.
Driveline: FJ20 Gearbox with Hollinger Close ratio gear set. 
Shortened tail shaft, choice of 3 diff
              ratios (4.1, 4.6 and 4.8) all locked.
Brakes & Suspension: 4 spot front brakes, 260mm vented disk. Single Piston Rear, with solid disk.
Suspension: Coil over, height adjustable fronts with Koni Adjustable shocks and Adjustable 
strut tops. Lowered rear springs with Koni adjustable shocks. 
Adjustable camber and toe on rear swing arms.
Interior Mods
Sparco race seat, Willans 6 point harness, 
adjustable brake bias front to rear.

Exterior Mods
White and Red custom paintwork.
Front spoiler, sideskirts and flared wheel arches.

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