FJ Power!
FJ Power! -Datsun 180B
As Featured in Street 4's No.3 
Engine Mods
FJ20ET turbo 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder.
Cosworth pistons, 63mm Exhaust system, Enlarged sump, ex tended pickup, larger intercooler.
Driveline: Nissan 5 speed, Nismo Clutch, 
Nissan R200 independent rear, 3.1:1 final drive. 
Brakes & Suspension: Skyline shortened front struts, lowered R200 rear end..
Exterior Mods
Simmons B45's with 195/205 x 15 Goodyear tyres.
Interior Mods
OBA Steering wheel and upgraded SSS interior.
Engine Specs
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