Rasim's FJ20ET 1983 Series 1 Mazda RX7

Model: Mazda RX-7 1983 (first gen).located in Russia, Murmansk city))

Engine: Nissan FJ20ET 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder
GT 2870 turbo top mounted,
WISECO Forged pistons,
Standard rods,
Reinforced crankshaft,
NO intercooler, 
ECU Yanuary 5.1.1 -71
Fuel injectors 470cc (Mazda RX-8) ,
60mm exhaust system,

Driveline: Standard FJ20 gearbox.

Interior: OEM Mazda steering wheel(it is the best!)
Front seats OEM Mazda RX-8 red leather

Exterior: wheels OZ Polaris


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