Richards's FJ20ET Datsun 260Z
Engine: Nissan FJ20ET recently rebuilt including nitrided and balanced crankshaft, Wiseco forged pistons, ACL Racing bearings, oversize ARP rod bolts, Little cylinder head, adjustable valve timing, ratchet chain tensioner, modified and enlarged gated sump with crank scraper, torque stay. Oil cooling system incorporating Serck radiator and Mocal thermostat bypass. Pathfinder aluminium radiator with single ECU controlled electric fan and overflow bottle. With bigger injectors this engine will produce 300RWHP.

Induction & Exhaust: Unifilter cold air intake, 530 x 290mm core front mounted intercooler, 75mm throttle body on modified S12 plenum, ceramic coated S12 exhaust manifold, GT28RS BB turbocharger, 1bar actuator, electronic ECU boost control, twin Bosch BOV's, SS dump pipe, 3" exhaust system.

Fuel and Ignition: MoTec M4 engine management, sequential injection using Volvo turbo injectors, Nissan optical ignition with single Blaster 2 coil, Bosch ignitor. Extra baffled fuel tank with internal pot, Holley Red pickup pump, external swirl pot, Bosch Porsche EFI pump, Malpassi fuel regulator. 

Transmission: Nissan RB20DET gearbox; DCS modified pressure plate, Exedy clutch plate; 3.9:1 K case R180 differential with Amax ATB helical gear type LSD; heavy duty CV jointed half shafts. Improved limited movement gearbox and diff mounts.

Suspension & Steering:
Front - adjustable coilover King springs, Koni racing separate double adjustable gas dampers, anti sway bar with strengthened mounts, spherical ball inner lower control arm joints, eccentric camber adjusters, heavy duty tension rods giving adjustable castor.
Rear - adjustable coilover King springs, revalved Koni Yellow single adjustable dampers, anti sway bar with strengthened mounts, custom tubular lower control arms with rod ends enabling adjustable toe and camber. Poly steering coupler, bump steer adjustable, Ackermann enhanced steering arms.

Brakes: One inch master cylinder, Wilwood adjustable bias, oversize booster, Bendix Ultimate pads.
Front - 298 x 28mm ventilated rotors, Nissan four spot aluminium calipers, braided flexible brake lines, ducted cooling.
Rear - 295 x 15mm solid rotors, PBR sliding calipers with integral handbrake mechanism, braided flexible brake lines.

Exterior: Ventilated fibreglass bonnet and hatch frame with acrylic glass; fibreglass front and rear spoilers, ZG flares, aluminium belly pan,

Interior: bolted in half roll cage built to CAMS specs; Sparco race seat; RPM shoulder harness; adjustable shift light, boost gauge, oil temperature gauge, relocated battery with master switch.

Vehicle History: This immaculate 260Z has been owned by Richard for 9 years. Originally rusted parts of the body were cut out and new pieces welded in, the body was then painted in acrylic and rustproofed. The dash and instruments were restored. Except for some light damage in the left back bumper area the body has never been damaged. The car has always been garaged and has been developed over the years to be both a fun road car and a competent sealed circuit car with an emphasis on superb handling and excellent braking.

Over time virtually every moving part has been replaced with genuine or Japanese new parts. Both the diff and gearbox have had their bearings and seals replaced as a precaution, all wheel, suspension and steering moving parts have been replaced, only the tailshaft is an original item. The car has not been used much in between the occasional sprint at QR, except to attend the Nationals at Shepparton in 2005. Its a hobby car, not a daily driver, built to be utterly reliable and has never broken down.

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