Steve's FJ20E Datsun 1200 Coupe
This Spectacular Old School Race Car is owned by Steve.

Engine Mods
FJ20E 1990cc DOHC 16 valve four cylinder,
Re Ground Cams. 
Vernier gears. 
10 to 1 compression. 
Twin webers port and cam matched. 
Scorcher remapped distributor. 
Bottom end cleaned up.

Driveline: Nissan FJ20E 5 speed,

Brakes & Suspension: Locked C20 van diff, 
shortened axles. 
Volvo rear discs 
Nissan front discs. 
240 k struts, non adjustable, ( to Come) 
2.5 degree negative camber.

Exterior Mods
Datsun Yellow paintwork, Flared wheel arches, front/rear spoiler and rear wing.

Interior Mods
Kevlar race seat. 
Rollcage cams approved. 
All required safety equipment.

Engine Specs
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