Wild TC Cortina
This Wild FJ20ET powered Ford TC Cortina will be appearing in an up and coming issue of Zoom Magazine.
It starts off with a dr30 skyline motor packed with stock internals, custom extactors holding a turbonetics to3/t04 with standard fj20 internal wastegate actuator, 3"dump pipe and full system with apexi N1 muffler, high 
energy 6 litre sump(which was mounted with the hump on the back of the motor for clearance reasons),modified inlet manafold (throttle body facing left instead of right to clear the cortina radiator), bosch 363 injetors and 
malpassi rising rate fuel regulator, vl turbo fuel pump and pieberg pre pump that fills 1.5 litre surge tank, dr30 gearbox with 5 puck brass button clutch, modified tailshaft and a borg warner with VL four pinion l.s.d with 31 spline billet axles.
All this made 347.9 untuned flywheel horse power on the dyno at easternats on 14 psi and put me 5th all up for the weekend.With 400 meter times with tonnes of wheel spin it  ran a 13.6 @ 112 mph which means its good for mid to low 12s!i 
Future mods in the near future which includes building a 2.4 stroker with a little port n polish head work (the FJ does'nt need much with the head its already a work of art!!!) monster turbo and waste gate combo and try crack the 500 to 
550 horse power mark.
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