A look at some of the Quickest FJ20's down the Quarter Mile!


Bens Dragster
Ben Diggle's S & W Dragster 6.86 @ 193 mph at Willowbank Raceway
Australia's Fastest Four Cylinder
Paul Martini's SC FJ20 Dragster 7.64 @ 175 mph at Willowbank Raceway
Mark Ashfords FJ20ET 200sx Drag Car
Mark Ashford's Nissan 200sx 7.96 @ 171.58 mph at Willowbank Raceway
Jeff Watsons Drag Car Sprite
Jeff Watson's Austin Healey Sprite 8.180 @ 163 mph at Willowbank Raceway
Paul Stanecks FJ20ET Datsun 1200
Paul Stanek's  Datsun 1200 Coupe 8.520 @ 158.8 mph at Calder Park
9sec V&E Rigoli built FJ20ET Gemini
Michael Sheringham's  Holden Gemini 8.806 @ 152.93 mph at W.S.I.D.
Phil Karpathios's KE20 Toyota Corolla 8.839 @ 151.99 mph at W.S.I.D.
Ben's Nissan S12 Gazelle (Silvia) Ben Diggles S12 Nissan Silvia 9.12 @ 153.95 mph at Willowbank
Mr TRX Paul Hunter's "Mr TRX" Bluebird 9.149 @ 148.69 mph at W.S.I.D.
Scott's Datsun Stanza
Scott Kuhner's 1981 Datsun Stanza 9.440 @ 146.46 mph at W.S.I.D.
Alexs FJ20ET Mazda 808 Alex Michalsky's Mazda 808 9.4 @ 146 mph at W.S.I.D.
Alex Michalsky's Datsun 1600 9.47 @ 132 mph at Willowbank
Tony's FJ20ET Mazda RX3
Tony Koval's Mazda RX3 9.570 @ 142 mph at Heathcote
Pauls FJ20ET Ford Escort Paul Norris's FJ20ET Ford Escort 9.68 -
Barry Moore's  Ford Escort 9.895 @ 139 mph at Willowbank
Brads FJ20ET Holden Gemini Brad Cooper's FJ20ET Holden Gemini 10.07 @131mph at Mini Jam 2008
Tommys Datsun 200B
Tommy Kruger's Datsun 200B 10.15 @ 130.81 mph at A.I.R
Darren Anderson's  Datsun 1600 10.47 @ 128 mph at Tarmak  Dragway

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