The Nissan DR30 Skyline RS  The Birth of the FJ Legend!
"The DR30 Nissan RS 2000 Skyline was born in October 1981 with the FJ20E Naturally aspirated engine fitted.
The original plan was that this was to be a limited edition run model of which only  2000 cars would be produced.
But many SKYLINE fan's swarmed to NISSAN dealers and wanted to buy this hi-tech, High Performance model. So NISSAN now saw the popularity of thie DR30 Skyline RS and it subsequently became a JDM catalogue model.

The FJ20 engine was developed and born in the "OGIKUBO" factory in TOKYO.
The factory is famous as it was the birth-place of the Prince/Nissan SKYLINE and originally was the factory of "PRINCE CAR INDUSTRIES" that was bought by NISSAN in May of 1965.

The technology of the FJ20E was nothing short of incredible for the early 1980's. 
It featured a  4 valve Double Overhead Camshaft head. It had been nearly 8 years since Nissan had last used a 4 valve DOHC head, the last was the S20 straight Six from the Skyline KPGC110 GT-R in Japan and 240K in USA. 
The FJ20E engine has a reputation for being remarkebly strong. This is not suprising as the FJ20 uses the same both Bore Pitch as the ultra tough Nissan H20 Truck engines.
The type of valve driving is by double-chain . Which is very strong and has high-potential at high-rev's.
The Nissan FJ20E was the world's first production engine which featured sequential fuel injection. Which gave the FJ20E lower fuel-consumption and unmatched performance in its class. The Japanese Factory Power rating for the FJ20E (NA) was 150ps and 18.5kg-m torque.

Nissan DR30 Skyline RS2000
Nissan DR30 Skyline
*Early DR30 Models shared the slatted styled grille common with other R30 Skylines. *Later Model DR30 Skylines featured the Famous Iron Mask styled grille.

But this was the early 1980's. A time in JAPAN when the major car manufacturers were competeing in a  HORSEPOWER Race!.
So in February of 1983 NISSAN powered up the FJ20 by adding a turbo-charging system. The turbine which
they chose was a GARRET AIR-RESEARCH T03 using a Nissan designed wastegate and without an intercooler. The FJ20's performance grew up to 190ps and 23.0kg-m torque.
Just 1 year later in February of 1984 the FJ20ET powered DR30 RS TURBO-C  went to its final stage of tune. The 
down-sizing of the turbo-charger to get higher-response at low-middle rev range. With the addition of an 
inter-cooler and  boost pressure increase from 0.46kg/cm2(6.5psi.) to 0.53kg/cm2(7.5psi.). Power once again grew to 205ps and torque increased to 25.0kg-m.
NISSAN called the SKYLINE "The strongest SKYLINE in own history".

-Thanks to Ken for the valuable information on the FJ20 Skyline DR30's.

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