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Paul's FJ20ET 85 Nissan Bluebird TRX "Mr TRX"

Paul's "Mr TRX" FJ20ET Bluebird ran a 9.149 @ 148.69 mph at the Sydney Jamboree.

Feature Cars - 4th April 2015

  Ben's FJ20ET S & W Dragster
Feature Cars - 21st September 2014

The World's fastest FJ20 ran a 6.86 at 193 mph.

  Rasim's FJ20ET 1983 Mazda RX7
Feature Cars - 15th November 2012

Rasim's Nissan FJ20ET powered Series 3 Mazda RX7.

Pauls FJ20ET Ford Escort
Pauls FJ20ET mk 2 Ford Escort
Feature Cars - 20th August 2008

Paul's immaculate 9 second FJ20ET mk 2 Ford Escort.

Anthonys HR31 Skyline Anthonys FJ20ET HR31 Nissan Skyline
Feature Cars - 20th August 2008

Anthony's Great looking FJ20ET powered HR31 Nissan Skyline.

Brad's FJ20ET Holden Gemini
Feature Cars - 1st May 2008

Brad's Wild FJ20ET Gemini recently ran a 10.07 @131mph at mini jam 08.

Jason's FJ20ET HR30 Nissan Skyline Coupe
Feature Cars - 22nd December 2007

Jasons's FJ20ET Turbo transplant HR30 Skyline Coupe.

Michael's FJ20ET KE30 Toyota Corolla
Feature Cars - 21st July 2007

Michael's Awesome FJ20ET Turbo powered KE30 Corolla.

Phillip's FJ20ET Nissan Bluebird TRX
Feature Cars - 21st July 2007

Phillip's immaculate FJ20ET Turbo powered Bluebird TRX.

FJ20ET DR30 Wiring Diagram FJ20ET Wiring Diagram
Engine Tech - 21st July 2007

Many thanks to Tim for this FJ20ET wiring diagram.

Ben's FJ20ET Nissan S12 Gazelle (Silvia)
Feature Cars - 24th February 2007

The Worlds Fastest Nissan S12 RSX 9.12 @ 153.95 mph is now making way for Ben D's new FJ20ET rail dragster!.

Jason's FJ20ET 1980 Datsun 1200 Ute
Feature Cars - 14th December 2006

Jason's Wild 400 rwHP Fantasy Performance built FJ20ET 1200 Ute. 

Brad's FJ20ET Holden Gemini
Feature Cars - 14th December 2006

Brad's immaculate FJ20ET Powered Holden Gemini.

Euan's BS110 Nissan 240RS Rally Car
Feature Cars - 4th November 2006

Euan's classic FJ24 powered 240 RS Rally car.

Tom's BS110 Nissan 240RS Rally Car
Feature Cars - 30th August 2006

Tom is currently restoring this great looking original Nissan 240RS rally car. 

FJ20ET Wiring Diagram FJ20ET Wiring Diagram
Engine Tech - 21st August 2006

Many thanks to Brett P for this FJ20ET wiring diagram.

Brad's FJ20ET Holden Gemini
Feature Cars - 18th July 2006

Another Wild FJ20 Turbo Gemini owned by Brad!

Richard's FJ20ET Datsun 260Z
Feature Cars - 24th June 2006

Richard's Awesome FJ20ET Powered 260Z.

Ben's FJ20ET 1983 DR30 Nissan Skyline RSX
Feature Cars - 24th June 2006

A look at Ben's immaculate 1983 DR30 Skyline with plenty of Horsepower to boot!

Paul's FJ20ET Holden Torana XU1 Sports Sedan
Feature Cars - 16th May 2006

Paul's sensational FJ20 Turbo powered Monster is tearing up the race track in the Australian Group 3D Sports Sedan category!

Video Gallery - A Collection of FJ20 Vid's!
Special Features  - 16th May 2006

Lees 1984 FJ20ET Nissan 720 Ute /Pickup
Feature Cars - 9th March 2006

Lees Mega-Unique FJ20 turbo powered 720 Ute Street Sleeper!. is currently For Sale.
Details contact Lee at

Mark Ashfords FJ20ET Nissan 200sx Drag Car
Feature Cars - 4th February 2006

Mark Ashford's FJ20ET 200SX is  the fastest 4 cylinder Sedan in the World, the Australian Super Sedan MPH Record holder and The World's Fastest Automatic 4 cylinder Doorslammer.
Congratulations to Ashford Racing who ran a New PB of 7.96 @ 171.58 mph at  Willowbank Raceway.

A look at George Fury's famous car No.30
Special Features - 24th January 2006

Gibson Motorsport Nissan GRP "A" DR30 Skyline as driven by George Fury & Glen Seaton during 1986 & 87. Totally original & authentic in every respect this car is offered with spare Gibson Motor, original log book, homolagation papers & set up books as used by Gibson. Full Price $125,000.00. 
For further details contact Terry Ashwood on 0415 262 855.
$125,000.00   AUD

Summernats 19 - Canberra Showground 8/01/06
Cruises & Events - 23rd January 2006

Gavin & Dan's FJ20E Vauxhall Chevette
Feature Cars - 11th January 2006

Gavin & Dan Higgins great little Chevette is being built to compete in Clubsport hill climbs and clubmans racing.

Craig's FJ20ET 1985 Nissan 720 Kingcab
Feature Cars - 5th January 2006

Craig's Monster FJ20ET Nissan 720 Kingcab Ute!.

FREDDO - My FJ20ET 1969 Toyota Corona RT40
Feature Cars - 5th January 2006

My FJ20ET 1969 Toyota Corona RT40 Sedan.

Brent's FJ20ET Mk 1 Ford Escort
Feature Cars - 28th December 2005

Brent's Immaculate FJ20ET powered Mk 1 Ford Escort is currentley FOR SALE.
For more information contact Brent on 0402 918 870.

Mohit's Datsun 1600/510 & Datsun 810 Sedan's
Feature Cars - 22nd December 2005

Mohit's awesome Datsun 510 recently won 2 Burnout competitions with the mighty L16 fitted. But lookout an FJ20ET transplant is on the way!.. 
Also Check out the new Datsun 810 Tyre Frying Beast!.

Simone's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 /510 Sedan
Feature Cars - 15th December 2005

Simone's Classic Datsun 1600 with plenty of FJ20 turbo muscle!.

Paul's FJ20ET 1983 DR30 Nissan Skyline RS Turbo
Feature Cars - 21st November 2005

Pauls 380HP FJ20ET Wide body DR30 Skyline!.

Alan's 1984 FJ20ET DR30 Nissan Skyline RSX 
Feature Cars - 27th September 2005

Alan's immaculate DR30 RSX is currently FOR SALE.
For more info call Alan on 0405 252 377

Andrew's FJ20E 1979 Datsun Stanza GL
Feature Cars - 24th September 2005

Andrew's Mint Condition 79 Stanza GL with FJ20 punch!.

Graeme & Susan's FJ20ET 1984 DR30 Skyline Turbo C
Feature Cars - 4th September 2005

Graeme & Susan's immaculate DR30 Skyline RS-X Turbo C.

Dharam's FJ20 1981 PA10 Nissan Violet GT Rally Car
Special Features - 16th August 2005

A look at Dharam's Violet GT Rally car, Harsh's very unique Nitrous fed Toyota Cresta, Kirit's Subaru Legacy Rally Car and Anu & Sanjay's Group N Impreza WRX.

Jeff's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 Sedan
Feature Cars - 4th August 2005

JRBOOM!!! - Jeff's Awesome 430HP @ the wheels Datsun 1600! 

Aaron's FJ20ET 1970 Hillman Hunter
Feature Cars - 16th July 2005

A look at Aarons FJ20 Turbo Powered Sleeper Hillman Hunter and his immaculate 74 HQ Premier Sedan . 

Guy's FJ20ET DR30 Nissan Skyline RS-X 4-door
Latest Update - 15th July 2005
Guy's very rare Factory built FJ20ET DR30 RS-X 4-door.

Mario's KA24DE 1971 Datsun 510 SSS Wagon
Feature Cars - 5th July 2005

Mario's Nissan 240SE Powered Classic 510 SSS Wagon.

Phil's FJ20ET Toyota Corolla KE20 Coupe
Feature Cars - 18th June 2005

One Speedy Toyota Corolla!. 
1/4 mile in 8.839 seconds @ 151.99 mph at W.S.I.D.

Paul's FJ20ET Datsun 1200 Coupe
Feature Cars - 18th June 2005

Paul Staneck's Flying FJ20 turbo powered Datsun 1200 Coupe! 

Alex's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 /510 Sedan
Feature Cars - 18th June 2005

Alex's 9 second Datsun 1600 Monster!

Tommy's FJ20ET Datsun 200B Sedan
Feature Cars - 17th June 2005

Tommy's Awesome 10 second Datsun 200B Sedan!. 

Alex's FJ20ET Mazda 808
Latest Update - 17th June 2005

Alex's immaculate 800plus HP FJ20ET Mazda 808 is currently For Sale.
For More Info Contact

Anthony's VG30E V6 1878 Datsun 200B GX Sedan
Latest Update - 13th June 2005

Anthony's VG30E V6 powered Datsun 200B.

Vaughan's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 Sedan
Feature Cars - 6th June 2005

Vaughan's immaculate FJ20ET 1972 Datsun 1600 /510 Sedan.

Engine and Driveline Oil Tech Engine & Driveline Oil Tech
Latest Update - 18th May 2005

Thanks to Steve B for these valuable PDF tech documents .

SICK 16 - Luke's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 Sedan
Latest Update - 11th May 2005

SICK 16! - Luke's Awesome FJ20ET Datsun 1600 Sedan.

Steve's FJ20E Datsun 1200 Coupe
Feature Cars - 3rd May 2005

Checkout Steve's Spectacular Old School Datsun 1200 Race Car.

Mark's FJ20ET 1979 Datsun Sunny
Feature Cars - 16th April 2005

A look at Mark's FJ20ET 1979 Datsun Sunny (B310) Race Car.

Ricky's FJ20ET S12 Nissan Silvia Coupe
Feature Cars - 4th April 2005

Congratulations to Ricky. 
Ricky's FJ20ET S12 Coupe ran a new PB of 13.614 @ 101.86mph.
Also Check out Ricky's Nissan Terrano Tow-Car.

Gule's FJ20ET Datsun 1600 Wagon
Feature Cars - 26th March 2005

Gules great looking FJ20ET powered 1600 Wagon is set up for hill climb and track sprints. 

Ryan's FJ20ET 1973 Datsun 510 Sedan
Feature Cars - 21st March 2005

Ryan's immaculate Race Ready FJ20ET powered 510 Sedan.

Scott's FJ20ET Datsun Stanza
Feature Cars - 25th February 2005

Congratulations to Scott.
Scott's FJ20ET Datsun Stanza ran a new PB of 9.440 @ 146.46 mph at W.S.I.D.

Graham's 1972 FJ20ET Datsun 1600
Feature Cars - 25th February 2005

A look at Grahams restoration of  his Classic Datsun 1600 Sedan.

Summernats 18 - Canberra Showground 8/01/05
Cruises & Events - 16th January 2005

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